Birchrose + Co. Botanical Facial Steam

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The Birchrose + Co. Botanical Facial Steam is a beautifying herbal blend of nourishing botanicals beneficial for skin hydration, purification and deeply cleansing the pores. The aromatic essence offers a mind calming and soul centering step to your beauty ritual. So step into your own spa and rejuvenate. 


Bring 2 cups of water to a simmer, remove from heat, and pour into large bowl. Add 2 tbsp. botanical facial steam + stir gently. Make a tent with a towel over the steaming water and steam face for 5-7 minutes, breathing deeply. Be sure to use caution while steaming, the air within the tent should be gently warm, never too hot for comfort. Always use caution around hot liquids.

For best results, follow immediately with a clay mask.

Ingredients: Lavender Buds*, Chamomile Flowers*, Red Clover Blossoms*, Rose Petals,* Rosehip Seeds*, Peppermint Leaves*, Nettle Leaf*, Cornflowers*, Calendula Flowers* *Certified Organic

 Size: 4 oz

Why we like it

We can pronounce each ingredient, and we know there aren't any toxic fillers lurking inside. The glass jar is reusable and recyclable. Refill with your own at-home beauty recipes.