Calendula and Chamomile Healing Salve

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Nothing beats the skin-soothing feeling of calendula-infused olive oil and chamomile essential oil. This salve is made from top-quality ingredients, including an infusion of real calendula petals and chamomile blossoms steeped in pure olive oil, handmade by Juniperseed Mercantile. This herbal formula has been used for centuries to treat everything that ails the skin, and the natural healing properties of the chamomile are soothing on your skin.



Ingredients: calendula infused olive oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, organic avocado oil, and chamomile essential oil, naiouli essential oil, helichrysum essential oil.

Why we like it

This soothing salve is packaged in heavy-walled glass jars that are so versatile that you'll definitely want to reuse them for spices DIY beauty, candles, or knicknacks. The glass jar is also recyclable.