Naturally Gentle, Biodegradable Laundry Stain Stick

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Avoid harsh stain removers and other chemicals, and use this naturally made stain stick instead!

This handmade, old-fashioned hand cut soap is perfect for pre-treating stains, grimy spots, and other laundry mishaps before your regular laundering. It has powerful cleaning agents mixed right into the soap. No mystery ingredients, unnecessary water, or fillers in this product, so you can use it with confidence. This bar will last quite a while, as only a tiny amount is used in each application.

Just dampen the stain and the corner of the bar, and give it a good scrub. Then put your clothes in with the normal wash.


Ingredients: vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, borax, baking soda, sugar, and salt, orange essential oil, thyme essential oil, palm oil.

This is a harsher soap and not intended for use on the body, so handle with care.

Your bar may vary slightly in appearance or shape. Each stick is sized just right to make a comfortable-sized block for holding in your hand while scrubbing.

Why we like it

We're all for eliminating chemicals from the clothes you wear every day, and this handmade soap is a great, all-natural alternative!