Reusable Mesh Food Strainer Bags

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Starting a healthy and nutritional diet just got easier. This reusable food strainer bag is perfect to strain every kind of milk (almond, soy, rice, coconut, oat, hemp and more), cheese, kombucha, cold-brew coffee, Greek yogurt, iced-tea, homemade juice, and veggies. Now your coffee can turn into creamy goodness without sending trash to the landfill. The possibilities are endless with this reusable food straining bag that is a perfect gift for friends on a plant-based diet.



Big enough to fit over most containers, this multifunctional reusable food strainer is made of tough nylon and built to last. The perfect shape for pouring, this bag also reduces spills. The bag is food contact safe, mold-free, and fast drying.

Size available:

Length: 4.75" x Width: 4.75"

Why we like it

The super fine mesh allows for only liquid to come through, leaving pulp behind. When it's retired from food straining, the bag makes a great storage bag for travel essentials or bathroom items.