Simply Earth - Breathe Easy Oil Blend

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Breathe Easy is perfect for clearing congestion, allowing you to breathe easier. With allergy or flu season, this blend is an essential tool to keep on hand to help ease the symptoms. Diffuse for clearer nasal passages, or dilute a drop or two with a carrier oil in your hands and bring to your nose, inhaling deeply.

Clearer nasal passages can also help minimize snoring. While we can't promise your bed partners (furry or human) a full nights sleep, diffusing this next to the bed can definitely help you breathe easier.

Download Simply Earth's Essential Oil for Beginners book.


      • Fir Needle
      • Frankincense
      • Cedarwood
      • Myrrh


      • Kid Safe: May be used on children 10+
      • Pregnancy Safe: Not recommended
      • Breastfeeding Safe: Not recommended
      • More Safety Info: Follow dilution instructions 

      *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

      Size: 15 ml

      Why we like it

      Simply Earth donates 13% of all profits to fight human trafficking. The average age of an individual forced into human trafficking is 13. Also, they use minimal packaging with bottles arriving in cardboard packaging.

      Simply Earth has a commitment to quality. To make sure each plant reaches its potential, they carefully and ethically choose a region where it will thrive. Then they work with their farmers. When plants have reached maturity, they are harvested safely and fairly. From there they collect their natural essential oils through either cold-pressing or steam-distillation, never diluted or mixed with additives. Every batch is then tested to ensure 100% purity.

      We are proud to partner with a social good brand like Simply Earth!