Skinny & Co. Calming Cleansing Balm - 2oz

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Your one step miracle to healthier, balanced skin. Perfect for sensitive skin types.

This makeup remover/facial cleanser will surprise you with its ability to quickly remove stubborn eye and face makeup better than anything you have ever tried. It is a one-step miracle that brightens dull and overtaxed skin leaving it clean yet nourished at the same time. Leave on daily for added benefit.


How To Use: 

Step 1: Remove Makeup
Press a nickel-size amount onto face and massage in. Wipe with a clean warm cloth or tissue. 
Step 2: Cleanse 
Place a quarter-size amount onto a warm wash cloth or electric face brush and gently work into skin with a circular motion. Wipe off with a clean, warm washcloth. 
Step 3: Moisturize 
Apply another nickel-size amount and soothe into skin with fingertips (don't forget your mouth and eye area).

Active Ingredients: 

Patented 100% RAW Nutralock™ Coconut Oil 
(cocos nucifera) penetrates the skin, hydrates lipid barrier, moisturizes, calms and soothes

Lavender Oil 
(lavandula angustifolia) used to reduce anxiety and stress. Inhibits bacterial growth, and promotes relief in healing

Roman Chamomile Oil 
(chamaemelum nobile) used to boost overall skin health and has natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

(citrus aurantium) stimulates the health of skin cells. Makes skin smooth and free of infections. Gives glow to skin by maintaining the right moisture and oil balance in skin. Fades marks and spots on skin.

(salvia officinalis) prevents sagging skin and wrinkles. Aids in the skin's muscle retention. Lessens spots and marks on skin. Helps wounds and incisions heal quickly on skin.

Why we like it

The glass jar and metal lid are recyclable. As with all coconut oil products, this facial oil has a long shelf life. It will not irritate eyes or skin because just like all Skinny & Co. products, it is not made with any chemicals or preservatives.