Thinksport Go2 Travel Container

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The Thinksport Go2 Travel Container is perfect for storing healthy food on-the-go.

This stylish stainless steel container uses an embedded silicone matrix to seal off each compartment -- even if you had several different kinds of soup in each compartment and shook this container vigorously, they wouldn't leak or mix at all! Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches or sloppy sauce leakage.

An ergonomic fork and spook are built into this travel container so you can enjoy a healthy meal no matter where your travels take you. 


The Go2 Container is completely safe and free of phthalates, BPA, BPS PET, lead, melamine, nitrosamines or biologically harmful chemicals. The GO2 Container features a unique one-piece lid that seals off each compartment individually with an embedded silicone matrix. The body is made of medical grade stainless steel and polypropylene and separates for easy cleaning in the dishwasher (top rack recommended).

This container is 9.5 inches wide, 2.5 inches high, and 6 inches long. The fork and spoon are each 6.5 inches long. 

Why we like it

Whether you're a meal prep veteran or a workweek lunch hero, this Thinksport Go2 Travel Meal Container allows you to refuel on your schedule. Not to mention, the material is easy-to-clean and eco-friendly, the stainless steel replacing plastic and single-use containers that contain toxic chemicals.