Press Kit

Thank you for your interest in Good Soul Shop. We appreciate all press because together we can carry the message about toxin-free, sustainable living. Here you can find copy and brand assets to help you tell our story.

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Current Newspaper

We share our story about Good Soul Shop and why we started the online marketplace - to help people live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, generate less trash, avoid plastic, and reduce toxins in their life. 

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Green Indy Blog

We sit down with Green Indy Blog for an interview about our mission to help people make small shifts to a healthier, less wasteful lifestyle. We talk about the challenges of sustainable packaging, affordability, accessibility, and more.

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Organically Becca

Good Soul Shop published a guest post on Organically Becca, a popular blog for green beauty and holistic health. With 9.5k average monthly page views and 4.5k unique visitors, Good Soul Shop was honored to be featured as a guest contributor.

In our post, we share 10 sustainable swaps for everyday products like floss, plastic wrap, straws, lunchboxes, kid products, and more. 

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