5 Sustainable Ways to Simplify Cleaning

Scrubbing a bar of dish soap at sink

When it comes to sustainability, we are always looking for eco-friendly products that are multi-taskers. Meaning, we don't buy into big company marketing telling us we need 20 cleaning products when a few will do. Good Soul Shop has TWO zero waste bar soaps that are hands-down awesome little multitaskers: Good Soul Shop dish soap and bath soap.

What makes our soap so awesome? For starters, they are free of silicones, sulfates, formaldehyde, phthalates, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and other harmful ingredients. Our soap does not dry out your skin.

Second, they are super cleaners for more than just dishes and skin. All while being FREE OF chemicals that can cause nerve and liver damage, allergies, and are bad for aquatic systems (I'm looking you blue liquid dish soap). 

Here are five ways to use our soaps for cleaning:

  1. Opt for a combo shampoo bar + bath soap. We have bar soap that doubles as a shampoo, beard, and body soap. With a variety of options for all hair types, opt for shampoo that is free of sulfates and silicones (which dry out and coat the hair). 

  2. Get stubborn stains out of clothes, or pre-treat laundry. Ever have a clothing item that you tossed in the wash, put through the dryer, only to see stains still remain? Grab our bath soap and put it to work to remove that stubborn 'baked in' stain. Rub the soap directly on the fabric, gently work it in, and rinse.

    Happy Harvest dish cloth and dish bar soap under kitchen faucet

  3. Does the thought of tackling oven build-up give you a migraine? Stress no more and use our dish bar soap to help break down and remove the debris. Use a soapy Swedish dish cloth to wet the surface and wipe what you can. Then, rub the wet dish bar over the stubborn stains for extra (and gentle) scrubbing power. Rinse and repeat.

    Our dish soaps are amazing grease dissolvers, and you no longer have to rely on that blue soap in a plastic bottle (Have you looked at the ingredients? No thank you). Not to mention our soap has no sulfates, so your hands don't dry out from use. Win Win in our book!

  4. Have a stovetop that is covered in pasta water, tomato sauce, and grease? Grab a Swedish dish cloth and our dish soap for a quick and speedy cleanup. Pro tip: We often rub the wet dish bar directly on the surface and then use our wet dish cloth to wash and wipe. 

    Glass spray bottle spraying fridge and wiping with a tulip swedish dish cloth

  5. Want a soapy spray cleaner? Use a grater to grate some dish soap and add it to a spray bottle along with warm water.  Shake until dissolved and you have a hard working soapy cleaner that will break down oil and grime.

  6. Want to hand wash some dishes and just not sure how? Rub a scrub brush over the dish bar for some sudsy soapy action. Pro tip: You can also fill a large bowl with soapy water to hand wash smaller items. Simply run warm water over your bar soap and fill the bowl.

There are many other creative ways to use Good Soul Shop's dish and bath bar soap. Share your favorites in the comments and we'll add them to the list!


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