Zero Waste Halloween Costume and Makeup Ideas

Zero Waste Costume and Makeup Ideas

Looking for frugal and zero waste costume ideas? Instead of spending $100 at your local Halloween shop, try these on for last minute planning.

Shop your own closet!

Chances are you have some hideous or crazy pieces lurking in its depths. Pull those forgotten gems out and stitch something together (see what I did there?) that is on trend.

  1. Grab a musical instrument that’s gathering dust in the corner and dress up as a 70’s folk singer (guitar), Stevie Nicks (flowy dress, shawl, and a microphone), or Mozart (reuse that tux or evening gown and pull out your 80’s keyboard)

  2. Throw on your fuzzy bathrobe, slippers, put your hair in pin curls, carry a newspaper and coffee cup and voila, you can be my Grandma.

  3. Black cats are always an easy go to. Dress in black leggings, a long black top, and grab the eyeliner to add a nose, mouth, and whiskers.

  4. Another classic is a Scarecrow. Grab a flannel shirt, jeans or overalls, a straw hat (optional), boots, and draw some stitches on your face. If you have some corn husks, attach those with some yard and thread to your hat or shirt for an authentic look.

    Thrift your costume through a collection of unique thrift store finds.

    Sometimes you can hit the jackpot and score a great costume at your local thrift store. Otherwise, get creative and piece your own together without buying anything brand new!

    1. Be a Swiftie – how many Taylor swift costumes do you think we will see this year? You can keep it simple with some sparkly clothes and a blonde wig or go big and repurpose those friendship bracelets by sewing beads on a bodysuit paired with a skirt and fishnets.

    2. If you aren’t a Swiftie, be a Barbie. You know there will be Barbies walking around this year. Dress like a bottle of “Pepto Bismal pink” and you are good to go.

    3. Nancy Drew – grab a short plaid skirt, button down white blouse, knee socks, magnifying glass and your investigator notebook for a sleuthy look.

    4. Wednesday Adams – snag a boxy black dress, white button down, rim your eyes with coal black eyeliner and add a rouge-red pout and voila, instant classic Wednesday Adams.

    5. Hocus Pocus witches are popular every year as we watch the Disney classic. Have a long kimono or soft solid bathrobe you can turn into a cape? Look for velvet skirts and a body suit or corset style top. The brighter, the better for these lovely ladies. Carry a broom and weave your hocus pocus spells.

      Opt to step up your makeup game.

      There are TONS of videos on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube to create some leveled up makeup looks. Share yours and be sure to tag us on social media. I LOVE watching makeup tutorials, even if I never leave my house (that’s a whole other topic for work-at-home ladies). Many of these elaborate makeup looks are broken down into step-by-step brush strokes. You can spend two minutes or two hours, go crazy! 


      Whatever you do this Halloween, stay safe and have fun! And remember, it’s also a kids’ holiday so be kind to everyone. And yes, teens are still kids, so celebrate that they are trick-or-treating instead of just tricking this year. Let them have some fun, you won’t want that candy sitting around the house anyway.

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