Dry Shampoo for Light Hair - Good Soul Shop
Dry Shampoo for Light Hair - Good Soul Shop

Dry Shampoo for Light Hair

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Verdant California's dry shampoo for light hair has arrowroot powder and kaolin clay that absorbs excess oil and boost body. Its chamomile soothes the scalp while accentuating blonde highlights. Bergaptene-free bergamot essential oil adds anti-bacterial properties with a bright, citrus scent, and lavender prevents inflammation while lending its fresh, signature aroma.


Directions: Lightly shake a small amount onto roots of dry hair or onto clean hands, then apply to roots. Flip head over to get roots underneath. Use hands to work into hair, from roots to tips. Let sit for a minute, then brush excess out and style.

Ingredients: *arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, *chamomile powder, essential oils of *bergamot and *lavender.  *organic

Size: 2 oz.

Why we like it

All Verdant products are handcrafted with nontoxic formulas, which harnesses the healing powers of plants, using local, organic, wildcrafted and ethically sourced botanicals.

Verdant California is also certified cruelty free through PETA Beauty Without Bunnies and uses minimal, reusable and biodegradable packaging.

In every purchase of Verdant products, you take part in a growing, conscious movement to nourish our bodies and respect the earth while enjoying all the bounty gifts that our nature can offer.