Skinny & Co. Clarifying Cleansing Balm

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Your one step miracle to clearer, healthier skin. 

Our coconut oil-based makeup remover facial cleanser will surprise you with its ability to provide protection from clogged pores and breakouts while quickly removing eye and face makeups better than anything you have ever tried.


How To Use: 

Step 1: Remove Makeup
Press a nickel-size amount onto face and massage in. Wipe with a clean warm cloth or tissue. 
Step 2: Cleanse 
Place a quarter-size amount onto a warm washcloth or electric face brush and gently work into skin with a circular motion. Wipe off with a clean, warm washcloth. 
Step 3: Moisturize 
Apply another nickel-size amount and soothe into skin with fingertips (don't forget your mouth and eye area).

Active Ingredients: 

Patented 100% RAW Nutralock™ Coconut Oil 
(cocos nucifera) penetrates the skin, hydrates lipid barrier, moisturizes, calms and soothes

Frankincense Oil 
(boswellia carteri) can help reduce appearance of scars or marks from acne

Tea Tree Oil 
(melaleuca alternifolia) dries blemishes and disinfects pores

Lavender Oil 
(lavandula angustifolia) helps reduce acne, inhibits bacterial growth, and promotes relief in healing

(commiphora myrrha) fades away scars and spots. Tackles skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Aids in blood circulation for skin. Eases dry and infected skin.

Peppermint Oil 
(mentha piperita) improves blood circulation. Antifungal and antubacterial. Nourishes dull skin. Improves texture of oily and greasy skin. Aids recurring outbreaks.

Why we like it

Comes in a glass jar with a metal lid, both are recyclable.

Gentle waterproof make-up remover • Miracle facial cleanser • Non comedogenic (will not break your skin out) • Day & night-time moisturizer • Helps unclog pores • Eases blemishes • Soothes and calms the appearance of redness • Concentrated (no added water) • Penetrates the deeper layers of skin • Helps prevent stretch marks • Provides lightweight moisture • Shaving cream for troubled skin • pH balanced • No additives, preservatives or chemicals - ever